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Wounded Warrior USA is an organization dedicated to honoring the members of the United States Armed Forces injured in combat, accidental injuries and illnesses.  The organization offers fishing trips and family focused outdoor activities to Active Duty Wounded Warriors and Gold Star Families.  The organization strives to activate civilian support to these individuals and their families as they rehabilitate from their combat and health issues.  Wounded Warrior USA is a non-profit organization.  Resources to conduct the activities of the organization are from fishing product companies, private donations, and fundraising events.  To date, WW USA pays no salaries or office rent.  Everyone involved is an unpaid volunteer and donates their time to insure that donations are used for events supporting Active Duty Wounded Warriors.  There are absolutely no charges for Wounded Warrior participation.  All fishing equipment, tackle, bait, and hot lunches are   provided to the wounded by WW USA at every fishing event.


WW USA support events have included nearly 400 Rehabbing Warriors at private ranch’s and public fishing areas in the Rocky Mountain Region.  Most events are personalized for the U.S. Army, Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Carson CO.  The organization sponsors annual ice-fishing tournaments and 2015 will highlight the fifth annual “Warriors Ice Fishing Tournament”. Other annual events include, Wounded Warrior Family Fishing Day (3 yrs.), Warriors Top Water Tournament (2 yrs.), Wounded Warrior Trail Series – 10-K Run and Adaptive Cycle Race in Hartsel Colorado, and Hot Dog Days at Bass Pro Shop (fund raiser).


Wounded Warriors has been a guest of Colorado DECA at the Beautiful Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. Devil Dog Coffee of Colorado sponsors the organization, as well as MKR International, Inc. The organization has continued support from the radio and television media covering its events. The non-profit secured a Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facility Fishing License (free fishing to patients) staying at the Fort Carson Evens Hospital, and the Warrior Transition Battalion, on July 3, 2011, (an annual renewable license). Warriors are able to fish without a fee or normally required license.


Bill Miller and Dave Bryant founded the organization in March 2009.  Currently Mr. Miller serves as the Executive Director and Mr. Bryant serves as Operations Director.  Bill is a service disabled Vietnam Veteran.  Dave is not a Veteran; however, he is dedicated to assisting in the rehabilitation and transition process of active duty personnel.  Wounded Warrior USA has dedicated patriotic volunteers Larry Sharrar Business Adviser, Mike Smith Program Coordinator, Sarah Will Program Coordinator, and an Advisory Committee made up of a cross section of the Colorado Community

Wounded Warriors Trail Series 10K

Wounded Warriors Trail Series 10K












Excitment in Hartsel Colorado for the Wounded Warriors Trail Series 10K (6.2 miles).

The temperature was a cool 41 degrees at 0630, clear skies, and no dust.  Race time set for 0900 and the temperature climbed to 71 degrees.  The Town of Hartsel was early to rise to greet the runners,vendors most of them were first timers.  They loved the atmosphere of the old west and the patriotic mood of the race.  Local ranchers and residents paraded the town in old western costumes greeting strangers.  There were many activities for the kids and free dental cleanings for children.  The Hartsel Fire Department crews and EMT’s were out in force with their special guest Smoky the Bear and fire trucks.

The 10K race started with the Star Spangled Banner, a crowed count down and the boom of a real double barrel shotgun with a blank. 

Our congratulations to the winners: The First Place Men’s Geofrey Terer from Colorado Springs, CO an in training Kenya world class distance runner training at the Olympic Center in Colorado Springs time 32:8:  incredible time, First Place Women’s Angela Nadon Littleton, CO 47:27, First Place Youth 3K run Conner Mogge, Sleepy Hollow,  IL 18:56, Second Place Men’s JasonAdams Woodland Park, CO 39:03, Second Place Women’s Terri Walters, Hartsel, CO 50:00.  There were no Adaptive Cyclist entered.

Enjoy the picture gallery and spread the word for next year in Hartsel.  We are looking forward to your return.

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