Freedom Isn't Free
Thank You For Your Service
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Welcome to Wounded Warrior USA

Welcome to Wounded Warrior USA

Everyday a hometown young man or woman makes a decision
to become the most valuable patriot assets of
America, volunteering to join the United States Armed Forces.
For what ever their individual reasons they felt compelled
to become a member of the greatest Freedom keeping
organization in the world.  These individuals realize that FREEDOM ISN’T FREE. Their enlistment obligation and duty is the renaissance of why America is the greatest county in the world.
HONOR, respect, commitment, and performance by all branches of the military acting as a universal team to accomplish a combined mission to preserve, honor and protect this Great Nation.  At the time your military commitment is completed a relief of giving is reward enough and your service never to be forgotten, and your many sacrifices given.  Extreme sacrifices by some that gave all and now lie in an eternal resting place.  You have untold accomplishments that will forever be imbedded in the success of Individual Freedom.  Your DUTY has become an element of the enormous post military organization known as the United States Veteran.  Lake Ice USA affirms our commitment to providing support to our Active Duty Armed Forces and through the Wounded Warrior USA program.  WE THANK YOU for your service and we especially give a special THANK YOU for the sheer pleasure of taking the Wounded Warriors fishing in the Rocky Mountain Region.






Fallen Heroes Star Dedication Ceremony

Fallen Heroes Star Dedication Ceremony

Wound Warrior USA invited and attended the Fort Carson Survivor Outreach Services – Fallen Heroes Star Dedication Ceremony on 10 April 2014.  Their were many attending family members of Fallen Soldiers to celebrate the Fallen Heroes Star Dedication.  The host for the evening were  Colonel Michael J. Tarsa, Acting Senior Commander, Joint Task Force-Carson and Mrs. Paul J. LaCamera and Colonel Dale A. Holland Vice Commandant of Cadets, Commandant of Cadets, US Air For Academy.  The Air Force Academy Band provided excellent entertainment.

The chosen by Cadet 1st Class Thomas Dickinson, Senior USAFA, President Astronomy Club.  The star is a 10th magnitude star located at right ascension 8 hours, 20 minutes, 5.4″ and declination -35 degrees, 32 minutes, 55.2″.  Located in the Constellation Puppis over the southern hemisphere.  The star is 17,000 light years away and approximately 10 million years old.  The star is a constant beacon in the night sky for the families to gaze at remembering their Fallen Hero for generations.

With great delight Wounded Warrior USA adopted Gold Star Family Mrs. Abby Lane and her three daughters were seated with Bill Miller and Larry Sharrar.  The picture of Mrs. Lane and two daughters attending.




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